Greening the great dead patch

Tilling the soil

Tilling the clay-y soil of 1611’s Great Dead Patch, with a little help from friendly-cat.

Early girl

An early girl tomato starter, fresh in the ground.

Today, I also discovered that the soil we used to start the bag garden was not the right type of soil for planting seeds, and that it needed to be mixed 50-50 with topsoil from a bag or from the ground. Perhaps the fact that the soil was called “amend” should have been a tip-off.

So, Alison and I replanted the bag garden this morning, which was slightly annoying, but will hopefully result in a better outcome.

I also linked the image syntactic fingerprint generator into my directory traversal/metadata extraction script, and figured out the best way to store the sparse vectors in a JSON file.

The best way? For now, as dense vectors.


We’ll see whether I can do something better later. Dictionaries would be pretty easy, but I’m not sure about the speed of doing a dot product with a dictionary versus a dense array in JavaScript.