More meteor

I expanded my Photo display React component to display groups of photos, and provide a user interface for expanding and contracting them.

![Expanding/hiding duplicates](/images/2016-05-24 22_15_32.gif)

I also added a date widget, and got pagination, subscriptions, and routing figured out super easily with FlowRouter.

Date widget

Seriously, it was super easy. I can probably handle parsing and changing the dates in a slightly more elegant way though.

FlowRouter.route('/timeline/:date', {
	name: 'timeline',
	subscriptions: function(params) {
		let startDate = new Date(;
		let endDate = new Date(;
		startDate = new Date(startDate.getTime() - 2*1000*60*60*24);
		endDate = new Date(endDate.getTime() + 3*1000*60*60*24);

    	this.register('photos', Meteor.subscribe('photos', startDate, endDate));
	action: function(params) {
		mount(App, {date: moment(})

Started preparing the garden for the cherry tomato plants today. I also began thinking about how the fire pit build is going to work. I think I need some rocks. Maybe some steel, if I can find any scrap?