Hindsight -- packing for a six day backpacking trip

This seems like an incredible quantity of food. Is this really what two people eat? I guess on a normal day I don’t exert as much physical effort as our calorie plan is anticipating.


Dinner photo

Clockwise from top left

Tuna alfredo

Take 3/4 of a package of the Trader Joe’s linguine, and roughly half the quantity of alfredo sauce powder.


Basically, just dehydrated chili. Substituted tofu for ground beef, not sure if that was necessary to make it shelf-stable. Needed more kimchi.

This recipe produced a good quantity when roughly tripled or so. Enough to eat when you make it and enough for the two of us later.

Za’atar mashed potatoes and beans

Two bags of mashed potatoes was too much. Onions added a nice crunch. Two cups of black beans was a bit much but pretty close.

Egg burritos and beans

This was a good amount of food.

Ramen peanut noodles

This was a good amount of food.

Snacks / lunch

Lunch photo


Breakfast photo

Left to right