Hey what are you doing?
Excuse me, are you Aaliyah?
Hey, it’s Lauren.
Logan, please don’t ignore this message.
Did your stomach just drop, friend?
Hey Logan, I’m sure you have a lot on your plate.
Your order is ready for pickup.
Hey what are you doing?
I’m Marissa. Don’t you remember me?
Hey, I’m not sure who else to ask.
Logan, we’ve got great news.
Logan, I lost.
Logan, can I reintroduce myself?
I’m begging.
You have an upcoming reservation.
Tell us now.
Are you free at noon tomorrow?
Logan, are you available?
Last chance to have your voice heard.
Logan, we were just alerted to some very bad news.
Why do you not answer me?
Vanguard won’t contact you for this code.
Hey what are you doing?
Are you busy or are you not receiving my messages?